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Table Setting: The Holiday Edition. Decorate your table to be an EXPERIENCE!

Tired of being traditional or normal? So are WE! During the holiday season, my sister and I, like to switch it up. No not the twin switch-o-roo game, but our decorating scheme. Each year we aim to create a one~of~a~kind, artsy, different vibe. We still keep the tradition alive.

Making the first impression is key, here are some tips to follow & you shall see. The layering one by one on the table it should be. Now just wait and see... your Holiday Table of Elements comes to life, as your guests toasts happily.

Here’s some tips on how you can make an impression on your next holiday event. Start by layering your holiday table one element at a time.


The dining room table is the focal point for any holiday celebration. Select the table and chairs to set the foundation for the experience. The most fundamental. The most important.


A dazzling charger is the tabletop winner. This essential element helps pop some colors to the holiday festivities.


If your dare & like the stare. Have some fun & pick up some new graphic design ones! This is an element of surprise, you will see in your guests eyes.


These two will tie all your elements cohesively into one . Bling on the ring is a good thing. Black is back, it is sophisticated with class.


There will always be a little room for a toast here and there. Why not just start off the celebration with a drink from a black crystal glassware.


We love candles for the table. They illuminate everything so beautifully and add a element of warmth to the party. Lay some sparkly shiny ornament balls around the center and in between the plate settings to bring some celebratory vibes.

Have fun decorating at your next holiday festivities! Remember, It is all about making a statement. So let whomever it be, to enjoy their Holiday Table Experience through your style, decor & creativity.

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