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Welcome to A&A DESIGN FIRM.  My name is Ava and my sister’s name is Arlene.  In case you wanted to ask, yes, we are twin sisters who happens to both enjoy designing and working together.

As it so happens, A&A DESIGN FIRM was created rather seamlessly, simply because we were doing what we loved and what came naturally to us.  We first brought and designed our 1st property that was a condo.  We were so excited about our first property that we invited all our friends and family to visit and they started noticing our design style and what we were doing. Next, we brought another property and did the same thing but this time we started to get asked to offer design suggestions for other people’s houses.  And that’s how we got started in design.  So as the saying goes, “If the shoe fits, it fits.”  I know, it sounds all easy and simple but it didn’t start out the way. 


We studied business at USC while modeling between Los Angeles, New York, and Hong Kong.  Modeling taught us a few things but most importantly it taught us the importance of good lighting, a girl’s best friend.  Along the way, we also started a stylish stationary company that sold products to Urban Outfitter that taught us a very big lesson in how to source products to make our bottom line stay in the black and not in the red.  And lastly, we owned and managed a contemporary noodle restaurant in Downtown Los Angeles that forced us to learn how to manage a team of people and the importance of effective time management.  All of these lessons really came together in perfect harmony to form- A&A DESIGN FIRM

One of our true gifts to our clients is our ability to look at a room and know actually what to do to maximize their space so in another words we help make their house more functional and usable.  We called this functional space design.  This really adds value for our clients and we design it so it is not only the most cost effective but also comfortable and stylish for everyday living. 

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