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Not Dorothy's dog....silly.

TOTO: Neorest 750H with dual flush, I.0 GPF, the most intelligent toilet has arrived and established a perfect fit in this puzzle we call life. Just like our comfy bed when we lay down to rest, our bottoms deserves to be pampered and assessed. Founder Kazuchika Okura of Japan, is committed to provide a comfortable, healthier, cleaner ceramic sanitary ware laboratory, while always protecting our Planet, Water & Energy.

Are you a double or multiple flusher?

There is no need. The auto dual flush combined with washout containing 3 different wash modes (front, rear, soft) and Hold please....a back-up manual flush just in case when you're having one of those days.

But what if it smells? Is this gonna be a pain to clean?

Due to the ultra-high efficient Tornado Siphon Jet System, CeFiONtect Ceramic Gaze, Actilight UV Cleaning & Air Purifying Systems in addition to ewater+reduce the harsh cleaning chemicals, this is super easy to clean.

More Importantly, Why not stay fresh, clean & environmentally correct?

Program your ADA/Code compliant pamper by adjusting the temperature of your seat, oscillating or pulsing comfort washing, adjust the spray position & program the energy saver with the Multifunctional Remote.

Checkout Neorest 750H to pave a new way to appreciate our temple, mind & booty

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