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When was the last time you were on a swing?

The last time we were on a swing was when we were about 10 years old and it was a really nice and breezy summer day in Michigan. It felt like time stood still and we were free to fly through the air like super heroes. Well, that was the last time we felt that free until...... we sat on a hanging lounger. The modern loungers look super elegant. It graces through the air effortlessly which made us feel as happy and free as we did when we were 10. This is the stylish adult fun version of a swing with more sex appeal and charm than any amount of Cheerios in a cereal box. Here's a list of some of our favorite hanging loungers. And we'll be surprised if you didn't agree.

1. Dedon makes this beautiful and stunning lounger that will have you at 'Hello".

2. Dedon also makes another lounger that will make you say, "Fine, take all my money, I don't care as long as I get one of these."

3. Love this swing. It makes it seems like, life is at the beach.

It's a short list but each piece is worthy for some sort of an award. We can't just list any swing on this post. Have a super day and we will be back soon after we get off our hanging swing.

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